Elizabeth Wilk, Visiting Multimedia Specialist, Producer

Elizabeth Wilk


Bldg 28, SVS
Greenbelt, MD 20771



Liz's research interests include learning and utilizing immersive media formats to describe scientific concepts in an engaging way. Additionally, how these formats can help describe/show abstract concepts that would otherwise be difficult to show using traditional film and video media. She also is interested in how immersive media can affect the way people visualize concepts.
Other interests are how to explain scientific concepts using video and effective storytelling, and connecting the audience directly to the science and the researchers involved in the science.


Liz is originally from the far south suburbs of Chicago and found her way into documentary filmmaking through her love of history, archaeology and storytelling through film to provide factual information.

Currently, she is finishing a Master’s of Fine Arts in Science and Natural History Filmmaking from Montana State University. Liz is completing her thesis, an interactive 360 VR film on the Beartooth Mountains, while working as a Fellow at NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center with GLOBE Observer.

Her resume includes work such as Einstein’s Gravity Playlist (associate producer), Liminal (producer/director), Battle on the Booming Ground (assistant editor), Wildlife (production assistant), The Hebgen Lake Earthquake (producer/director/editor) and other commercial projects.

Some other fun facts about Liz:
-Her favorite plant is the mimosa pudica, otherwise known as the "shy plant."
-Her favorite trees are banyan trees and redwoods.
-Her favorite cloud is the lenticular cloud.
-She worked an immersive media intern working with the Hubble Space Telescope.
-Gallium is her favorite element.
-She is the middle child in her family.