Fredric Lipschultz, Senior Scientist

Fredric Lipschultz


Phone: 646-285-5021


Climate and global change. Oceanography.


Fred Lipschultz is a Senior Scientist for the US Global Change Research Program's National Climate Assessment (USGCRP NCA), coordinating the regional assessments among other roles. Prior to the NCA, Fred spent 2.5 years at NASA headquarters working as Program Scientist for the Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Program in the Earth Sciences Division. Before that, he served 4 years at NSF as Program Officer in the Chemical Oceanography Program in the Geosciences Directorate. During his government service, he participated in several working groups of the USGCRP, and was the vice-chair of the JSOST interagency working group on Ocean Acidification. Fred’s research career focused on the biogeochemistry of the marine nitrogen cycle in various ecosystems including Bermuda’s coral reefs, the Sargasso Sea, and the Eastern Tropical Pacific. He earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Harvard University, and his Master’s degree in Botany from the University of Maryland.