Jainn Jong (Roger) Shi, Senior Research Scientist

Jainn Jong (Roger) Shi


NASA Goddard
Bldg 33, Room C425
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Phone: 301-614-6078
Fax: 301-614-5492
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Dr. Jainn J. Shi received his B.S. degree (1982) in Atmospheric Sciences from National Taiwan University, Taiwan. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from the North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Shi completed his Ph.D. degree in 1993, studying real case numerical simulations of hurricanes with a three-dimensional tropical cyclone model. He worked on-site at Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) between 1992 and 2004. During this period, his research activities included numerical studies on the dynamic structure of tropical cyclones, derive algorithms to retrieve, validate and utilize a wide range of geo-environmental satellite images, including Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSMI). Research activities were also concentrated on developing high resolution (< 1 km) land surface and urban canopy model for COAMPS. Dr. Shi has been working on-site at NASA/GSFC since 2004. Current research areas include: 1) implementing Goddard's microphysics and radiation schemes into the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model; 2) investigating the precipitation processes associated with various mesoscale convective systems, tropical cyclones, and hurricanes using mesoscale models; 3) identifying statistical characteristic of clouds, convective updrafts and downdrafts; and 4) studying cloud-radiation interactions and their impact on diurnal variation of precipitation. Dr. Shi joined GESTAR in 2011 after 16 years with NRL/SAIC (1992-2008) and three years with GEST/UMBC.