Thomas Stanley, Visiting Scientist II

Thomas Stanley


Phone: (301) 614-5618


GIS, Landslide Modeling


Thomas Stanley graduated with a BS in geoscience from Northland College in 2004. He was hired by RK&K, a leading civil engineering firm in Baltimore, Maryland. During his time with RK&K, he participated in the geotechnical investigation for many projects, both large and small. Among these were the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, the Delaware Toll Plaza, the InterCounty Connector, the Purple Line (North of Washington, DC) and the Baltimore Red Line.

In the course of this work, Thomas discovered a fascination with geotechnical databases and with the development of new ways to interact with them. As a result, he enrolled full-time in the GIS program at the University of Maryland in 2012. He expects to obtain a Masters degree in May 2014. He continued to work at RK&K part-time until November 2013, reviewing the work of his colleagues and preparing a smooth transition of duties within the continuing Baltimore Red Line project.

In November 2013, Thomas Stanley was hired to work on the Landslide Hazard Assessment and Forecasting System, a global landslide model intended to assess vulnerability in near real-time by accessing TMPA precipitation data. (GPM data inputs are expected in the near future.) Thomas is responsible for updating the validation dataset, analyzing the surficial (static) data layers to be used in the next model version, and assisting in the construction and management of web interfaces for the project.