Amy Houghton, Technical Editor / Writer

Amy Houghton

Contact Info

7178 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046
Phone: (410) 740-6227


Ms. Houghton is an alumnus of Towson University (B.S., English '90; M.S., Professional Writing, '03). Prior to working at GESTAR/USRA, she held a variety of jobs, including Communications Manager for GEST and JCET at UMBC from 2008-2011. In her current role, Ms. Houghton is responsible for initiating the calls for quarterly and annual reports to 100+ GESTAR members, and then compiling, editing, and producing all deliverables for submission to NASA GSFC Procurement to meet set deadlines. She selected an external graphic designer to assist with the annual reports. Additionally, she provides proofreading services for GESTAR manuscripts as requested. Ms. Houghton researches, compiles, and uses InDesign to produce GESTAR newsletters, which provides highlights of key research, achievements, awards, and staff changes. She updates and posts news and visualization items plus staff webpages on the GESTAR website as well. As part of an extensive team at USRA, Ms. Houghton assists with various reporting requirements and with communication media. As a side note, she is an avid fan of pinball.