Christoph Keller, Scientist

Christoph Keller

Contact Info

Bldg. 33, Room G105
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Phone: 301.614.6545

Research Interests

- Atmospheric chemistry modeling
- Modeling of emissions to the atmosphere
- Chemical data assimilation
- Machine learning methods in atmospheric chemistry modeling


Christoph Keller is an atmospheric chemist and scientific programmer. His primary research interests include modeling atmospheric emissions and composition. He uses optimization techniques to combine space-borne observations with atmospheric chemistry models. Dr. Keller is the principal developer of the Harvard-NASA emissions component (HEMCO), a stand-alone software tool for calculating emissions in Earth System Models.

Christoph received his PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / ETH Zurich in 2012. He was a research associate in the Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group at Harvard University before joining the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office in 2016.