Dan Gallagher, Multimedia Producer

Dan Gallagher

Contact Info

NASA GSFC, Code 130
Bldg. 28, Room N190
Phone: (301) 286-9017
Email: daniel.p.gallagher@nasa.gov

Research Interests

As a multimedia producer with Goddard Television, Daniel produces and edits videos that inform the public about missions and scientific research being conducted at Goddard Space Flight Center. Daniel's work is regularly posted on nasa.gov, NASA Explorer (the GSFC YouTube channel), and the NASA Visualization Explorer iPad app. As the lead video producer for the Planetary Department at GSFC, Daniel provides video support for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, MAVEN, and OSIRIS-REx missions, as well as Goddard-related research.


Dan Gallagher obtained his Master of Arts in Film and Video in 2007 from American University.