Daniel da Silva, Sr. Engineer

Daniel da Silva

Contact Info

Email: ddasilva@usra.edu

Research Interests

Daniel da Silva's research focuses on novel and advanced applications of mathematical methods, machine learning, software systems, and data analysis to the domain of space physics, heliophysics, and aerospace engineering. Daniel's work includes contributions to instrument calibration with the NASA'S in-situ plasma spectrometer MMS/FPI, image processing algorithm development for NASA's extreme ultraviolet imager STEREO/EUVI, and software and data systems with the WSA solar wind model.

Daniel is also interested in open source software, having contribute to NumPy and hosting the open source project CCSDSPy used at NASA/GSFC and CU Boulder, which provides an I/O interface for reading Spacecraft CCSDS data in Python.


Daniel da Silva has been working on space systems since 2008 when he joined the Goddard Space Flight Center's Earth Science Division under the Global Change Data Center branch. In 2015 he joined the Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory, where he worked on pre-launch calibration and instrument data processing for the ICESat-2 laser radar instrument measuring ice topography. He joined the heliophysics division part-time in 2016, and then full-time in 2017, where he has worked on a multitude of instrument, data science, and space weather projects between the Solar Physics Laboratory and Geospace Physics Laboratory.

Daniel's educational background is in Mathematics (University of Maryland) and Space Systems Engineering (Johns Hopkins).

* 2018, Heliophysics Sciences Division Peer Award
* 2015, SESDA3 Contract Technical Excellence Peer Award
* 2010/2012 Performance Award
* 2009 Google Scholarship

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