Edward Nowottnick, Scientist, Earth Sciences

Edward Nowottnick

Contact Info

Phone: 301-614-6553
Email: edward.p.nowottnick@nasa.gov

Research Interests

Atmospheric Dynamics
Remote Sensing
Data Assimilation


Dr. Nowottnick has research experience in global aerosol transport modeling and aerosol remote sensing, with a focus on spaceborne and airborne lidar systems. He has worked on the development of the NASA GEOS modeling system and its use for exploring atmospheric responses to aerosol forcing. Dr. Nowottnick has worked extensively with spaceborne and airborne lidars, namely CALIOP on CALIPSO and CATS on the ISS. He has focused on evaluating simulated aerosols in GEOS using spaceborne aerosol observations, as well as using the model to identify biases in spaceborne aerosol typing algorithms. Dr. Nowottnick currently serves as the NASA GSFC Deputy Study Plan Coordinator and External Liaison for the 2017 Decadal Survey Aerosol and Cloud-Precipitation-Convection (ACCP) Pre-formulation study.