Shiblee Barua, Visiting Associate Scientist, Planetary Sciences

Shiblee Barua

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Research Interests

Dr. Barua is currently investigating how fast (or slow) photochemical reactions take place in the atmospheres of hot Jupiters & sub-Neptunes, cool rocky exoplanets, Titan, and interstellar clouds. A detailed understanding of these photochemical reactions will enable modelers to develop numerical models that accurately predict the percentage compositions of gases in different planetary and interstellar environments.


Dr. Barua is a Visiting Associate Scientist (Planetary Sciences) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center with GESTAR/USRA. Before his current position, he was a NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) Fellow at the Planetary Systems Lab (693) in the Solar Systems Exploration Division (690). His expertise is in Computational Quantum Chemistry and Theoretical Astrochemistry.