Recruiting New Staff Member


Please allow 30 days for issuance of new CAD!

Step 1: If you require information from USRA in the development of your requirements, please complete a "Cooperative Agreement Directive Request for Information Form" found here. Any input provided by USRA at this time will be for your planning purposes only (if not needed, go directly to Step 2).

Step 2: To initiate the collaborative research effort, please submit to the COR ( or the Alternate COR ( an "Internal Worksheet for GESTAR Directives (USRA) - NNG11HP16A Form" located here.

Step 3: The COR verifies fit of the request with the scope of the GESTAR cooperative agreement, assigns a new CAD number and forwards the Worksheet to the Grants Officer, Michelle Padfield.

Step 4: The Grants Officer submits a Request for Proposal and the Worksheet to USRA. Within 7 working days, USRA will respond via email with a budget and a brief technical description to you and the Grants Officer.

Step 5: Within 5 working days of receiving the emailed response, you then need to complete a "Recipient Cooperative Agreement Directive (CAD) Cost Plan (RCADCP) Technical Evaluation with USRA Form" located here. Your individual organization's Resources Analyst should coordinate approval of accounting and appropriation data for your research effort with the Cooperative Agreement's Lead Resources Analyst, Ms. Monique Smith, Once the document is complete, please forward it to the COR and the Contract Specialist, Nathan Freeman,

Step 6: The Grants Officer verifies costs and determines if the price is fair and reasonable, and issues the new CAD to USRA.