GESTAR/NASA Goddard Earth Science Seminars

Date Title Time Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Series

Earth Science Seminars Committee:
   Yuekui Yang (USRA;
  Dorothy Hall (615;
   Michael Jasinski (617;
  Robert Levy (613;
  Jeffrey Masek (618;
  Luke Oman (610AT;
  Lesley Ott (GMAO;
  Holli Riebeek (610EPO;

The Earth Science Seminars Committee is comprised of Goddard Earth Science Division (ESD) members representing the various science disciplines and the Education and Public Outreach communities within the ESD. GESTAR, with the committee's input, is responsible for selecting outside speakers to visit GSFC to present seminars/colloquia on a variety of mutually beneficial topics, and will make all arrangements to bring the speaker to GSFC. These seminars will be completely managed and coordinated by GESTAR; attendance is open to all..